SHE Never Broken…..Resilience for Helpers and Healers with Catherine Ashton

Touched by trauma, wounded by living, depleted by caring and doubting our wholeness. Learn about traumatic stress and resilience. Learn to replenish your personal and social resources so that you may generously share with others. We will connect through talk and move with embodied intention using our bodies to feel more and access hopeful healing when thinking and words fall short. Experience present moment awareness, self-compassion and perhaps a little joy in the moment. This workshop combines a talk circle with a yoga and movement practice suitable for all.

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Kundalini Yoga to Heal the Heart, Jenny Bergold (Jagatjeet Kaur)

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. The power of Kundalini Yoga lies in the actual experience. It goes right to your heart and extends your consciousness so you may have a wider horizon of grace and knowing the truth. We will discuss the basics of Kundalini Yoga including breath work, meditation, kriyas, mantras, and chanting. This workshop will include a yoga practice focusing on calming the mind that is suitable for all levels.

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Bindya Yoga Dance with Saba and Gayathri!

Yoga teachers, Saba & Gayathri created BINDYA YOGA DANCE in 2007. It is a fun and energetic blend of Indian dance and Yoga. Be prepared to dance to the exotic and SOULful tunes on Indian songs with creatively added yoga postures in the routine. BINDYA is an opportunity to laugh nonstop, sweat, dance,and yoga. Let your inner child come out as you energetically flow through this moving meditation.

No dance or yoga experience needed. Just bring an open heart to soak in all the love, laughter and healing.

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SHAKTI Rising! with Charisse Crisci (90 Minutes)

A mix of Goddess wisdom teachings combined with Freedom, Movement & full Self-Expression.  

In this Class we Play with Shakti offered by the Goddesses.  Opening to the Powerful Energies each one Offers. Feel Her in You!  As we Tap into Her Shakti & Open to Feel Her Expression we Un-Lock the Chained, Constricted components of our Being and Un-Leash our Potent, Exquisite & Unique Medicine we each Hold.

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World Kirtan with Lucia Cordeiro

Music is a way to the heart. Devotional music, regardless of the language, has the ability to open the doors that keep us from connecting to our endless fountain of compassion. We will learn simple lyrics in Sanskrit, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish and sing our hearts away. Voice is powerful. Some of us fear it, some of us are deeply connected to it. As a group, our voices will come together to create a unique vibration that will make us laugh, smile and feel more self-love. Yum!

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Dance of the Infinite – Path of the Sacred Bee Goddess – in 2 Parts with Rosemary Curth

In this workshop Rosemary will guide us into the vibrant gynocentric shamanic tradition that works with the honey bee and hive as its central focus. We will explore how the feminine principle lay at the heart of all things. Inspiring new practices and lemniscate pathways which women may walk today.

The first part of the workshop will entail an exploration of the feminine principle within bee mythology, including the practice of ” Opening the Honeypot that will flow into the ” Dance of Infinity.

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Grandmother Moon, Yarn Baskets, and Native American Looms with Gretchen Fitzpatrick.

Grandmother Moon Ceremony  
A grandmother moon ceremony is a sacred ceremony passed onto Gretchen by a Native American Elder.  It is said women gathering together to pray can make a greater impact; that the Moon our Grandmother will hear our prayers, songs and words.  This is a ceremony to honor that women power and send our prayers out into the world.   Women are asked to wear a skirt or wrap of some kind.

Yarn Baskets
Make simple yarn baskets using a wrapping method.  Class fee $5, limit 20.

Native American Looms
Native American Beading is done on a loom to create beautiful bead work.  This way of beading is simple and relaxing.   Cost will include a loom (to take home), needle, thread and seed beads. Class Fee $15, Limit 12

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Playful Partner Yoga with Rachel Grundner and Saba

Join Rachel and Saba in this fun and unwinding partner yoga experience! Prepare to laugh, stretch, relax, and learn how you can positively support one another both in your physical practice and a deeper meditative state. All levels of experience welcome.

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Part 1 – Intro to Tea Meditation & Mindfulness, Part 2 – Ceremony and Connections with Tea with Suzette Hammond

Part 1 – Intro to Tea Meditation & Mindfulness
“The taste of Tea and Zen are one.” Tea has been used as a symbol of meditative practice for thousands of years. Meditation itself is an essential part of yoga study, along with breath work and asana. In this peaceful class, we’ll discuss how and why tea is used in meditation. We’ll also practice “guided sitting” to cultivate a mindful connection with tea. Cups and a variety of teas will be provided. If you have a favorite tea bowl or mug you would like to bring for practice, please do so (rounded bowl shapes are ideal). Please note: These are traditional teas from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, and not herbal or medicinal teas.
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Howl at the Moon with Slone Isselhard

Connect with your inner wild woman in this moonlit yoga class. Incorporating story-telling, asana, and, of course, howling. Drawing inspiration from the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estez, Ph.D. you can expect to laugh, howl, and connect with your wild side.

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Chakra Flo with Cass Justine

Chakra Flo™ centers and aligns your chakras with meditation, breath-work, and a blissful balance of yin and yang postures. Experience a creative collaboration of movement, breath, and music orchestrated to awaken and ground each of your energy centers. Ride the VIBE down the Rainbow Road and enjoy the journey inward.

Tarot Details:

The gift of Tarot has been passed down to her from her mom. She is excited to share this gift at Lotus Rising! During a lunchtime talk, learn what tarot is, what it can do for you, and sign-up for your Tarot Reading with Cassandra.  Sign-up at General Store for individual readings.

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Part 1 – Healing Power of Double Gong & Mantra, Part 2 – Woman as the Adi Shakti with Shakta Kaur

Healing Power of Double Gong & Mantra

Experience the deep vibrational healing accessible via the sound of the gong and your own voice.  We begin with light Kundalini Yoga to prepare the body for what’s to come (the yoga is appropriate for all levels).  Then we move into deep relaxation with not one, but two, beautiful Paiste symphonic gongs!  Your mind will have no defense to the gong after 90 seconds!  After the gong we use sound (mantra) to remind us that the entire universe was built on sound, on vibration.  And, as we vibrate a particular combination of sounds we tune into a different level of consciousness; one that allows us to heal and be healed.  (Includes Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong

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Feminine Medicine Dance, and Drumming Workshop with Shanti Kumari

Feminine Medicine Dance with Shanti Kumari

Join us going deep into our entrails to connect to the source of what makes us dance and sing.

Shanti will share her many years of sacred and ceremonial dance  experience in this class of movement and song while incorporating yoga aspects.

Feel free going deep within and reaching the outer limits of infinity through this profound practice.

Drumming Workshop with Shanti Kumari

Bring your drum. If you do not have one, we will share drums so that everyone gets a turn.

Connect to our strength.

Shanti will share basic drum rhythms she has learned through recitation and drum playing from Indian and Mexica tradition

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Crystal and Metal Healing Bowls with Yolanda Lozano

Yolanda is a spiritual guide and healer. She has studied with many Masters from the East learning yoga, ancestral healing techniques, shamanism, oracle and angel card reading and oneness blessing. The tools that she uses are practical and affordable and most of them are already within you.

She is here to share from several points of view:

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Servants of the Sacred Dream with Dana Lundin

Many traditions maintain that women have within their wombs a piece of the cosmic womb. Called by some the Mother Mind, this esoteric capacity gives us ready access to cosmic intelligence.  In the Hindu tradition, women are considered the embodiment of Prakriti,  a human manifestation of  Nature and the unlimited substance of creation. We can nuture our dreams, the dream of the earth,  the dream of our highest  collective potentials through a regular practice in the new moon phase of the Lunar cycle as the Goddess Tripura Sundari begins to wax into her full glory.

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Mala Making Workshop with Beth Marano

Beth’s calm presence and approach to traditional yoga, breathing and spirituality will welcome you. Her core belief is that we are all strong and beautiful and that by tapping in to our inner wisdom, we can find peace.

Join Beth and let your creativity flow … a mala is a string of 108 beads used while reciting mantra or simply to adorn the body … all supplies will be provided to create your own personal mala … or … bring some of your own beads to incorporate into your project.

Materials fee, $30


Your Moon Cycle: Connecting with your Superpower with Natalie McGreal

Connect deeply with your body’s natural rhythms to relax, restore, and reflect so that you can realize your dreams and illuminate your goals.

In this workshop you can expect to:

~Learn more about your natural superpower: your menstrual cycle, and what makes it so special
~Acquire the knowledge to modify your physical practices to specifically support your moon cycle
~Practice journaling and reflection techniques to focus your energies and unearth your desires
~Celebrate the manifestation and creative power of women in a safe and supportive community

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The Goods on Greens with Patty McPhilips

Take a trip into the Green Galaxy where the kitchens are warm and bright,the children are smiling and the dinner plates are heaped with the life boosting power of delicious leafy greens (and I don’t just mean salad!) Incorporating dark leafy greens into our daily diet remains a mystery to many so join Patty for a spin around the green planet. You’ll learn about what to do with greens once you get them home; discover a variety of ways to eat them both cooked and raw (even drinking them); how to grow your own supply of greens both in your garden and in your kitchen. You’ll walk away with some solid know-how and a simple, inspiring plan for eating greens!

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Chanting with Dianna Oles

Dianna Oles holds an MA in Eastern Philosophy with a concentration in language and culture.  Literary Chinese, Sanskrit and Tamil source texts inspire her practice and teaching. A practitioner of yoga and Ayurveda for 15 years, she is initiated into Sri Vidya. Dianna is a longtime student of Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Matt Huish, along with other master teachers. She studied and taught in Shantivanam Ashram in India 2004 – 2005. Dianna enjoys long hikes along Lake Michigan and studies classical Indian singing. She currently teaches throughout the Midwest. Learn more about Dianna and her offerings at


Burlesque Therapy – with Elmo Painter

The purpose of this class is to teach people to understand their emotional selves on a biological, psychological, and spiritual level, with a focus on sensuality as a modality to personal and emotional empowerment. Skills taught in this class are meant to expand emotional and social comfort zones.

The first part of the class is an entertaining presentation discussing contemporary ideas about emotional science, from neuroscience and evolution to philosophy, anthropology, and linguistics. In order to understand our own emotional lives, it’s important to understand why we have these pesky feelings in the first place.

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The Red Tent with Charlotte Raasch

The Red Tent is a safe space where women creatively express and share in divine feminine energy, and traditionally a space space where girls receive initiation into their role as young women. In the company of wise and loving women, they understand their inherent beauty and worth, and embrace their evolution into women. Join us in song and story, ritual and silence as we gather in the Red Tent throughout the weekend for respite and support.

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Rewriting Your Self Contracts with Melissa Renzi

Our lives are based on relationships—with ourselves and with others. Our relationships are based on “contracts” or agreements and many of these contracts are unconscious and unspoken. To grow and live consciously, we must choose contracts that align with our truth, health, and love.

Join me as we:

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Movement Meditation with Lyndsae Rinio

Existing somewhere between meditation and dance, movement meditation is an invitation to play and discover your own authentic movement expression. Drawing on natural elements we will explore movement qualities as a means of developing inner listening. Free form, unguided movement is the pinnacle of this contemplative practice. No meditation or dance experience necessary!

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The Path of Bhakti and the Divine Mother with Tapasya

Many yogis in the West are just beginning to become familiar with the path of Bhakti, the path of devotion, though it has played a key role in the evolution of yoga throughout the ages. We can be devoted to many things, whether we realize it or not- our family, work, cell phones, public image, asana, you name it. In this workshop we’ll explore what devotion to the Divine Mother is, what it means to be committed to and ecstatic about the deepest Truth within our very own selves, and what it means to live in devotion to that Truth. Through guided meditation, journaling and group sharing we will discover what it feels like to align ourselves with the inner essence of the Divine Mother within us all.

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An Introduction to Tantra with Petra Silwiak

The word tantra literally means technique, derived from the art of weaving. Tantric techniques weave movement, breathwork and mantra together to create a deeper connection with All That Is. Bringing us into harmony with the energy of the Sacral Chakra, Tantra allows us to realize and experience oneness with the creative force to which we are all connected. It is a stimulating practice designed specifically to enhance both our physical and emotional Being and takes our creative process to the next level. This workshop will end with a 20 minute gong meditation to assist with releasing stuck energy to make room for inspiration and growth.

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Qi Gong with Lisa Ujiiye

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healthcare practice that integrates effortless flow, breath synchronization, with focused intention. Qi means “energy” or “life force”. Gong means “the practice of”. So, it is the art of energy cultivation.

An unlimited supply of energy (qi) exists in nature, and by performing certain movements, you are able to connect to this boundless supply of qi. Qi Gong mimics the dance of nature; clouds moving across the sky, a tree growing into the sunlight, or a river flowing own a mountain into the lake.

Leading a happy life is the goal of Qi Gong, and through this practice, as we become more balanced and integrated, so does the rest of our life.

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Music as Medicine with Carly Visk

Music has the power to heal, inspire, and carry our intentions and prayers. In this song circle, we will allow our authentic voices to flow through us and join together in harmony as a prayer for peace and unity. Carly will be sharing simple but powerful songs that have been passed on to her by strong and inspirational women. Let us celebrate the reemergence of the sacred feminine, our beloved Pachamama, and our divine sisterhood with this ceremonial circle of sacred music.

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Reducing Fear and Stress from the Bottom Up and Top Down: Integrating Yoga, Psychology and Neuroscience with Serena Wadhwa

When the first chakra is unbalanced, we may experience fear, stress or anxiety. This workshop explores how to maintain balance within the first chakra by integrating asanas, breathing, affirmations, and other skills to maintain or re-balance our root energy.   

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Ahimsa: Non-Violent Communication in Relationships with Merry Waters

Merry will hold a talking circle and share information on how to practice Non-Violent Communication. NVC is a way of seeing and hearing the world in a more compassionate and loving way. We will explore the 4 step process of NVC and include real life examples in order to live our yoga. We will discuss how to heal realtionships and set boundaries that empower women to step into their own strength in relationship.  

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Guided Meditation on the Divine Feminine with Monica Yearwood

According to ayurveda, a women’s energetic strength waxes and wanes with the moon cycle.  If she is in alignment with the moon, her menses occurs during the new moon period, and she ovulates when the moon is full.  Her menses, is the return of solar energy to the earth that has built within her body all month long.  When a woman enters menapause the energy that went to creating an egg each month is redirected toward higher levels of consciousness.  This makes her more naturally receptive to reach enlightenment at this time. Join Monica Yearwood, founder of Hamsa Ayurveda who will guide you through a series of mantras (sacred sounds) and mudras (hand gestures) that express different aspects of the feminine form from young adulthood to old age.

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Bodywork and Special Services Available during Lotus Rising

Thai Body Work by TranquiliTHAI with Jenn Cooper

Tapasya, Shiatsu
Available Sat and Sun afternoons
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Mary Wolters, Ashiatsu
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Healing the Light Body—Shamanic and Energy Medicine Sessions with Dana Lundin
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Henna by Shivani and Shivangi
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Lauren Vargo, deep tissue massage
Available Sat and Sun mornings

Selena Nichols, deep tissue massage
Available Fri evening and Sat morning